Week 8

This week I had to put together a proposal for how I plan to set up my custom domain for my website. We were tasked with choosing between self-hosting or using ready-made platforms. While I find the idea of a self-hosted website far more favorable, I lack the proficiency in web development, a big enough amount of traffic to need that much server space, and the money to afford the price of self-hosting. The lowest price for self-hosting, in pure monetary value, not just in the price of all the time it would take me to set it all up, was $130 per year.

Instead, WordPress has changed the options for paid sites to include lower priced, more basic options for those like me who have around 100 followers and less than 50 visits per week. Because I had already purchased my domain before this, the plan upgrade and the domain together only amounted to $46.57 annually. I have very little money, but I can afford $46.57 annually without any trouble. Yes, I lack the features of a self-hosted site, but I like the website I have built here. In six months, I’ve cultivated a small but loyal following, and I just don’t need anything greater.