Week 7

I’m not sure, again, what my actual project will be. However, this week I was asked by another person to be a guest on their film review podcast and I made the plans with the first person to ask me and we have a date set to record, so I’m excited! The network of film writers project hasn’t been launched yet, the release date got pushed back, but things are still in motion and very soon I’ll have something to show for that as well.

I would say that, overall, my participation in the film review community is really starting to kick up some opportunities. None of them are professional, of course, but by being an amateur in a field, eventually, you will find opportunities to move into a more professional capacity. High hopes!

This is a great time to talk about my social media strategy for my online presence! As you can see from above, my main platform for social media is twitter. My twitter account is almost entirely followed by writers or film people. It’s a more instant form of communication than any other social networks. My other main platform for social media is one that maybe not everyone has heard of that’s called Letterboxd. It’s a film review website where people write reviews and add friends to see who likes what films. It’s a great way to tie together my blog and my twitter account.

I have the same username on Twitter and Letterboxd as close as I can get. My name appears as J. Chelsea Williford on twitter and Chelsea Williford on Letterboxd. I have the same profile picture for both so that people are sure that it’s the same person. I also share links from Letterboxd on my Twitter so that people can follow me to Letterboxd and I can help build a bigger circle on there out of people on Twitter.

Both are pretty informal ways to communicate with people, though Twitter does facilitate more back and forth conversation. Those in the film community tend to be more casual with each other, because there is this real push to build a sense of community, not a sense of ‘business’. The idea is that like-minded individuals discuss their passions together more often than not. On both Letterboxd and on Twitter the idea isn’t to be competitive, but to be inviting and have a symbiotic relationship with your peers.

I post on twitter daily, often 10 to 20 tweets per day. Letterboxd is less often. I tend to use Letterboxd once a week. Letterboxd is more of a bridge between my review blog and social media while Twitter is where I engage others in the community on a daily basis. There’s are big difference in the types of platforms they are, so the rate of communication is very different.