Week 4

I’m still struggling with understanding what I’m meant to be doing each week. I have read the syllabus for this Pro-Portfolio class backwards and forwards, I’ve read the links, I’ve looked at the suggest readings, and I still don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m assembling my portfolio, that’s fine. I’m doing this blog, that’s no problem either. I’ve finished my About.Me and Linked.In pages.

I understand that later, I’m supposed to create my own website and I’ve looked into simply transferring this WordPress.com page to a web-hosted WordPress.org site, but that’s going to be pretty expensive, so I worry about that. Between buying a domain, paying for web-hosting, paying for click-rerouting so my followers I’ve worked so hard to build up aren’t lost, and probably paying to have my website transferred so I don’t screw it up doing it myself, I’m going to need at least $100. The good news is, that doesn’t seem to be due until March so hopefully that won’t be a problem. And since I plan to just continue with the WordPress software, it won’t be much trouble to continue on here until then.

Still, all of that I understand, but what I still don’t really understand is the ‘expert community’ thing. My expert community isn’t relative to digital media. My expert community is the authors and readers who follow me because we all like to read and write. I’m supposed to become an expert of my expert community, but I’m not. I don’t have any published materials so I’m more of a follower of experts, not an expert myself. And again, that’s fiction literature, something very Old Media, not New Media. I am just really struggling to grasp what the main goal other than a portfolio at the end is. Oh well, we’ll see where my understanding evolves from this as the semester goes on, I guess.