Week 3

This week I have to go refine my About.Me and LinkedIn pages I complained about last week to take out the word ‘Student’ from everywhere. I guess this makes sense, and I should’ve thought of that beforehand. It’s just difficult when that’s what I am. When I had jury duty and they asked my career, the reply was ‘Student’. I’ve never had a ‘career’ job. My other jobs are limited to ‘intern’, ‘server’, ‘intern again’, and ‘tutor’. I guess I could say my career is as a student success studying advisor? That sounds like a fancy way of saying ‘tutor’. It’s kind of like how ‘I’m addicted to twitter’ can be translated to a resume as, “Has extensive and qualified experience with social media management.”

You just have to know how to word things to make something mundane sound impressive. I’m not OCD, I’m “Extremely skilled in organization.” I’m not quiet, I’m, “A great listener”. I’m not a suck-up, I’m “A go-getter who follows directions with ease.” See? That English degree wasn’t a waste after all!