Week 15

Week 15, I discovered, was the week that everything is due. As I’ve already perfected my Portfolio, I’ve turned in my presentation video, and I am finishing up this last journal entry, I must say, I did not enjoy this at all. However, I don’t have to enjoy it to appreciate that I now have this comprehensive portfolio. I got sick and tired of the website not doing what it’s supposed to, I hated all the vague instructions in the syllabus that resulted in me having points marked off for something that wasn’t even clarified, and I’m still kind of bitchy about having to pay for a domain and paid account. I know it’s more professional, but I make like $70 a week working part time minimum wage and that cost more than half a weeks paycheck, meaning I had to choose between gas and food for a few days.

But, it’s done now, and you guys can enjoy the fruits of my labor… all 1 person who will read this probably. If that. Oh well.