NaNoWriMo Day 7: I Didn’t Write Yesterday And Still Almost Caught Up


So, I didn’t write yesterday because it was voting day and I was glued to the TV all night, but TODAY I MADE GOOD GROUND! Sure, I didn’t catch up, but I came closer than I expected to get. I’m still well in reach of par!

This weekend, like last weekend, is a Figure Skating weekend. If you don’t know, I’m such a big fan of figure skating that I will absolutely stay up 28 hours because the figure skating is in Japan and it’s at 2am-8am and I have to leave at 8am to get to work at 8:30 but the free skate is at the same times the next night. I work 9-5 so I have totally watched figure skating without sound at work where my boss thinks I’m just staring into space in my cubicle. (Spoiler alert, it isn’t as good without the music, lol)

However, I’ve made up a plan! This time, the short programs are, as I suggested above, Thursday/Friday night in the early AM hours. And the Frees are in the same hours Friday/Saturday night. (I call it ‘Friday night’ even if it’s 5am Saturday morning because I haven’t been asleep yet). What I’m doing this time is getting a goodnight’s sleep and skipping the short, watching those online after work, then taking a nap (if possible) and staying up until God knows when to watch the free skates. *nods*

Japan is easily the hardest hours for figure skating live streams.

HOWEVER, between the two disciplines I’m interested in this weekend, there’s PLENTY Of opportunity to write! I can WRITE between ladies and men’s! It’s a great idea!

I’m totally gonna be caught up by Monday and probably even AHEAD of par!

How are you doing these days? GOOD LUCK!

NaNoWriMo Day 3: Wrote A Good Bit, Still Behind Schedule


For the most part today I asked people for help deciding, “Should I do this, or this?” and then writing what I could during word sprints ran by the NaNoWriMo Word Sprints twitter. It’s very effective for me.

I still haven’t decide who the main protagonist is. So far, I have told the story from the POV of:

  • The mailman, who is def not the main protagonist
  • The security guard, who is possible
  • The main detective, also possible
  • A housewife on the block, could be
  • One of the teens from the neighborhood who isn’t the killer, maybe

I’ve also introduced:

  • The retired neighborhood busy body, an alright possibility for the main progtagonist
  • Four more teenagers, one of which IS the killer

The story will be told from more than just the 5 POVs I’ve said, but only a few more. Basically, I need people from about 4 or 5 households who we see from their POV as they interact with their own household and other neighbors, because the neighbors all start speculating about each other and secrets that were never meant to see the light of day come out as possible motives, and there’s just a lot of drama coming as more people die and the community gets more and more scared.

I’ve never written from this many POVs but I’ve read plenty of books written this way, so I think it’s going to be great. However, I DO need one main protagonist. I kind of like the detective, honestly, but I worry that might get a little to Silence of the Lambs, one main character but several people’s POV, especially since the detective is a woman.

Any thoughts?

Anyways, hope you guys had a nice, productive day!



NaNoWriMo Day 1: No Progress Yet

It’s that time again folks! This year’s story is one I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I’m so ready to finally write it. However, I’m still stuck in planning mode so I didn’t get any words down yet. Here’s hoping I get to it tomorrow!

My synopsis is very basic because I’m terrible at those, but it gets the information across!

Sycamore Hills is an upper middle class, family friendly gated community. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens there. The parents go to work, the children to go school, the landscapers and handymen all have background checks, and nobody gets in or out without authorization.

And yet somehow, one pleasant summer, every few nights tragedy befalls a household. Locked doors and windows, locked gates, tall fences. None of these stop the killer from striking when the residents of Sycamore Hills least expect it.


I don’t have much for Day 1 to report otherwise, but I will pose this question to all of you guys as I did on NaNoWriMo forums, but since it’s a spoiler, I will link you there instead. You can reply to me at any of my places, Twitter, the forum, here, whatever! I just don’t want to give away the killer on DAY 1 of NaNo!

Let me know how your progress is going, and as always, follow me on Twitter for far more constant updates!

Martin Movie House Fright Fest: Friday the 13th

Tonight I got to experience something truly unique and special for someone born in 1991: I have never seen Friday the 13th before tonight, and I got to see it for the first time on a big screen.


I’ve mentioned previously that Theatre Dublin is doing Fright Fest this month, showing horror films on the movie screen they purchased for only the low-low price of $5 per ticket. Let me tell you guys, you think surround sound is great, but imagine surround sound in a building with theatre acoustics. Talk about amazing experiences!

Having never seen Friday the 13th before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Amazingly, my baby sister, who I went with, has seen it, so she knew what was coming when I didn’t. I will admit, I threw popcorn during the first murder jump scare. It ended up being a pretty solid horror film. Is it up there with my favorites? No, not at all. But I feel like I enjoyed this experience more than I will the other films I’m seeing this month because, unlike everything else I’m going to see, I got to see a movie from 1980 on a big screen for the first time. Every bloody second was in HD with surround sound and it was amazing!

My only real heartbreak is that so few people came. Just as with The Shining, there were maybe twenty people total to see the movie. It did show last night as well, but I figured with so many people without power still from hurricane Michael, a lot of people would like at least the entertainment and air conditioning of seeing a movie for the low price of $5, but alas, there were less people than at The Shining. My fear is that, should this not work out, they will stop having movies at Theatre Dublin, and it’s a great experience. It’s especially rewarding to have classic movies showing. This Fright Fest isn’t the only classic movies they have. Over the summer, I remember one month was Western themed. They also show new movies, which I guess probably gets more ticket purchases since the price is about the same as at the local AMC but with FAR cheaper concessions.

My sister and I got two movie tickets, two 24oz drinks, a popcorn, and a box of candy, all for only $21. At the AMC that would easily be $50.

My only hope is that more people will come join the fun in seeing movies you would otherwise NEVER get to see on a big screen like this. On the 18th, the film they’re showing will be Psycho and as that is a favorite of mine, I CANNOT wait to see it on the big screen! The closest I ever came was on the overhead projector on a 5 foot screen during Film Analysis class in college. This is gonna be awesome!

So, citizens of Laurens County and the surrounding counties, join me on October 18th in seeing Psycho, the famous Alfred Hitchcock film, at 7pm at Theatre Dublin for the low price of only $5 a ticket. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!