I’m Going To Finish My 2015 Romance Novel

I’ve decided to finish my 2015 Romance Novel, Grand Hotel Koe. This is a story that I thought about for a long time before I decided to join NaNoWriMo for the first time ever in 2015. I won NaNoWriMo that year, but because I had to stop writing to focus on college, I never finished it. I have a few chapters left to write, even though everything was already outlined, and I’ve tried to make myself finish it a few times, but I’ve decided after my horrible NaNo2016 story that I NEED to finish this one NOW!

So! In order to get myself back into the swing, I decided to post the first chapter here! Now, bear in mind, I haven’t so much as proofread this, so this is a crazy rough draft, haha. But I just wanted to put it somewhere that people can see it so that maybe that motivates me to get off my butt and FINISH IT!

Here’s a synopsis, and the actual chapter will be below a read-more for you guys. Hopefully it doesn’t entirely suck, but I haven’t read it since I wrote it over a year ago, so this will be a first read for me, too!

Grand Hotel Koe by J. Chelsea Williford

In 1912, Jonathan Carver, the son of wealthy hotel magnate and millionaire Lionel Carver, lives a happy life as the manager of Grand Hotel Koe, one of his father’s multiple hotels, on the shores of Lake Sonders at the base of Mount Koe in the Adirondack mountains, far away from the society of Manhattan. Every day, the highlight of Jonathan’s morning is the trip into the small town of Sondersville, where he and the head chef of the hotel pick up the day’s fresh produce. It is an excuse to escape the hotel business for a short while, but more importantly, the morning produce run is the only excuse Jonathan has to see the object of his affections, Amelia, the daughter of a poor farmer who has stolen Jonathan’s heart.

However, when his father dies suddenly, Mildred Carver, Jonathan’s mother, calls him away from his happy, peaceful life in the hills back to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan high society. Set to inherit his father’s entire estate, Jonathan is urged both by his mother and most of the socialites in the city to marry well and marry quickly to secure the future of the family wealth.

Will Jonathan choose to carry out his duty to his family, or will he follow his heart and return to the woman he loves and the life he enjoys at the Grand Hotel Koe?

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NaNoWriMo Day 29: I Wrote A 5,200 Word Research Paper Today


I sprinted for the last like 20 minutes of the day before midnight struck, and I’ve only got like 424 words to win, so by the time you read this, I’ll have won NaNoWriMo!

I had to write a minimum 15 page research paper for a class I hate today because I put it off until the day it was due, but you guys may follow me on twitter and already know this. If not, you should see my “Update:” tweets today. I actually used Emojis, which is different than my norm. But, as my ‘victory’ tweet said:

So, yeah. I’m gonna go polish off that last few hundred words and win NaNoWriMo, check back in a little while for a new post where I proclaim I am the master of writing fiction as well as academically!


NaNoWriMo Day 28: I Didn’t Win But I Could Have

I’m so close I could’ve forced it out, but instead I’m going to just take of tomorrow and write whatever is leftover on the 30th. I’m not worried about not finishing, I’ve only got like 1600 words left and I write more than that in most 1k30mins writing sprints on twitter.


Today I have to write a 15 page paper (approx 4,500 words) as a final project for one of my classes. Thankfully, I did all the research already, and I’m about to do an outline (I never bother with outlines for… anything) just so I can write it faster tomorrow.

It won’t take me but a few hours, but after all that writing about a topic I have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST AT ALL in, I’ll want to murder someone, so I doubt I’ll want to write those last 1600 words.

How are you guys doing? You’ve still got time! YOU CAN DO IT!

NaNoWriMo Day 27: I didn’t win YET


I didn’t win today, but I’m still a day ahead! I could potentially win tomorrow! I’ve written more than what I have left in one day before.

I’ve got some school stuff due, though. I should probably take tomorrow off to focus on school stuff. I’ve got a major paper due the 29th and a smaller thing due the 29th but it’s due in the morning of the 29th so I definitely have to do it tomorrow.

The point is, I’ve got this. I’m not in any risk of NOT winning NaNoWriMo this year!

How are you guys doing? Hopefully you’re on the way to winning, too!

NaNoWriMo Day 26: I GOT AHEAD OF PAR!!!

Look at that!


That is what you call finishing the day 940 words ahead!

It’s not a CRAZY amount ahead, but after so long behind, I would call that success, wouldn’t you? Also, 4,189 in not just one day, but on SITTING, that’s amazing for me! I didn’t write any until I got home around 10pm. So I wrote that between 10pm and midnight.

I’ve got this, you guys! I’ve totally got this!