I’m so mad! I planned to write 5k today, that was my plan, but then I didn’t get home until about 4:30pm and then I forgot tonight was Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them so I didn’t get home AGAIN until around 11pm, so I had like NO writing time today.


Tomorrow I’m staying home all day and I’m going to reach 30,000 words. That’s it. I’m GOING to do it. All plans cancelled (not that I had any), not going anywhere. Staying home. Writing NaNoWriMo.

I need to get ahead, because I have my final paper for one of my classes due on the 27th, so I NEED at least two days to work on that where I won’t be able to write ANY NaNoWriMo and that close to the end, I cannot fall behind further, I need a BUMPER!

So yeah. Writing. Tomorrow. DOING IT!


Just A Shameless Plug!

If you guys haven’t ever noticed the little links on the sidebar on the right of your screen on my blog page that say Chelsea Loves Movies and Chelsea Loves TV , those are my other blogs!

I feel like doing this shameless plug because my viewership on THIS blog is sky high, and it’s sort of strange that more people care about my attempts at writing than my movie reviews and TV recaps.

So yeah, I have to admit, that Chelsea Loves TV is kind of behind, because I haven’t recapped any of my TV shows I watch this week, and the ones I’m watching currently aren’t that popular with blog readers I don’t guess, but back when Halt and Catch Fire was airing, I had the most hits of any blog posts I’ve ever had, so if you want to go read some of the back-log, you know, it’s there.

Now, Chelsea Loves Movies gets usually one post a week. I try to do Film Review Fridays, my twitter hashtags are #FilmReviewFriday and #ChelseaLovesMovies and I DO miss out on the Friday rule sometimes, but I generally make sure I have at least one film review a week. Both new and old movies, and so far I’ve only had a few movies I didn’t at least give a fair shot, so there aren’t a lot of critical shredding going on. It’s called Chelsea Loves Movies because I generally review with the idea that “I like this movie and this is why” not picking apart the film from a filmmaking standpoint.

Shameless plug for you guys, that’s all this post was. Just wanted to give a reminder in case you guys hadn’t seen those links there.

NaNoWriMo Day 15: Progress Is Progress!

I knew I wouldn’t make it to 25,000 so my goal was 20,000 AND BOOM! CHECK IT!


That’s right! I made it 300 words PAST my goal for the day! THE GAP IS CLOSING!

If I can continue gaining ground, I can make it back to that goal line. I say 2 more days and I’ll have both bars green again.

How are you guys doing? I hope you guys are making some solid progress!


Photo Advertising Assignment

This week for NMAC 3145 we had an assignment in which we had to do an ad campaign for some product we use doing 6 photographs.

I decided to do my project on my favorite k-pods: Green Mountain Sumatran Roast.

The idea is to pretend that you’re an advertisement firm hired to promote the product, so I have to think about the goal in this photo advertisement. I’m selling coffee that’s single-serve, fast-brewing, convenient coffee that still tastes good. My target audience for this is the person that’s always on the go and doesn’t need a whole pot of coffee. A good idea would be young business people or students, someone that’s likely unmarried (no need for a whole pot of coffee for just yourself) and likely needs to get their coffee in the morning as they’re on their way out the door to class or work. Ads like this would be best in magazines, online ads, and in public spaces like bus stops and on subway platforms, because the person likely to be the type that commutes and those are the types of items a commuter likely runs into.

My theme for my photo shoot is ‘getting ready for work’. It’s early, still dark out, and the person using the product is making coffee in between showering, getting dressed, running around getting everything ready for the day, ect. The idea I’m trying to sell is that with the convenience of Green Mountain Sumatran Roast in a k-pod for the Keurig, she can make her coffee and have time to drink it while she’s getting ready because it’s that fast and convenient.

Because I’m one person living in a house with 6 other people, the only time I could make use of the kitchen as a photography studio without people in and out was the middle of the night, which is also why I’m the photographer and subject in my project, because everyone else is asleep in the middle of the night.


NaNoWriMo Day 14: Not The Progress I Wanted…

But it’s SOMETHING. I only wrote for an hour today. *sigh*screenhunter_598-nov-15-00-01

I was lazy again. I didn’t start writing until after 11pm, so the fact I got that to turn green is a freaking miracle. BUT! I got it to turn green!

I have to stop being lazy. I can write SO MUCH MORE if I’d just START WRITING instead of doing other things instead. I need to unplug my TV and shut off the wifi so I HAVE TO WRITE instead of doing other things. I was even planning to write ALL AFTERNOON but instead I watched more Anime.

I bet there’s a Chrome app somewhere that makes it so that I have to write a certain amount before it let’s me watch videos, lol. There’s a Chrome app for everything out there.

Now I have to go take a shower, then I have to go to bed, so I can’t write more, but I WILL PREVAIL!!!


NaNoWriMo Day 13: I’m Back Baby!!!

Alright, I let myself get behind by A LOT but now I’m gonna make that up! I did pretty well today, honestly. I’m going to be able to make it up pretty easily, and I am honestly pretty mad at myself. There’s absolutely no reason that I got so behind anyways. It’s so easy to write words, guys.


You see that? I half-ass wrote for about 2 hours. That’s the entire culmination of 2 hours of writing WHILE I was watching TV, and yet I went almost an entire week without writing but a few words all week.

Oh well, the good news is, if I can write 3,000 words while watching TV and mostly only writing during commercials, I can catch up to that line pretty quickly if I just actually TRY.

Today’s writing music was the Enrique Iglesias station on Amazon Prime, and today’s distraction was anime… all my life without really watching any anime (apart from the ones every kid of the late 90s/early 2000s watched on cartoon network like Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing and stuff) and this week I’ve suddenly started watching sports anime. Clearly, the powers of the world are against me finishing this story, BUT I AM GOING TO!!!

How are you guys doing? Probably all better off than me, huh?