NaNoWriMo Day 15: Progress Is Progress!

I knew I wouldn’t make it to 25,000 so my goal was 20,000 AND BOOM! CHECK IT!


That’s right! I made it 300 words PAST my goal for the day! THE GAP IS CLOSING!

If I can continue gaining ground, I can make it back to that goal line. I say 2 more days and I’ll have both bars green again.

How are you guys doing? I hope you guys are making some solid progress!


Photo Advertising Assignment

This week for NMAC 3145 we had an assignment in which we had to do an ad campaign for some product we use doing 6 photographs.

I decided to do my project on my favorite k-pods: Green Mountain Sumatran Roast.

The idea is to pretend that you’re an advertisement firm hired to promote the product, so I have to think about the goal in this photo advertisement. I’m selling coffee that’s single-serve, fast-brewing, convenient coffee that still tastes good. My target audience for this is the person that’s always on the go and doesn’t need a whole pot of coffee. A good idea would be young business people or students, someone that’s likely unmarried (no need for a whole pot of coffee for just yourself) and likely needs to get their coffee in the morning as they’re on their way out the door to class or work. Ads like this would be best in magazines, online ads, and in public spaces like bus stops and on subway platforms, because the person likely to be the type that commutes and those are the types of items a commuter likely runs into.

My theme for my photo shoot is ‘getting ready for work’. It’s early, still dark out, and the person using the product is making coffee in between showering, getting dressed, running around getting everything ready for the day, ect. The idea I’m trying to sell is that with the convenience of Green Mountain Sumatran Roast in a k-pod for the Keurig, she can make her coffee and have time to drink it while she’s getting ready because it’s that fast and convenient.

Because I’m one person living in a house with 6 other people, the only time I could make use of the kitchen as a photography studio without people in and out was the middle of the night, which is also why I’m the photographer and subject in my project, because everyone else is asleep in the middle of the night.


NaNoWriMo Day 14: Not The Progress I Wanted…

But it’s SOMETHING. I only wrote for an hour today. *sigh*screenhunter_598-nov-15-00-01

I was lazy again. I didn’t start writing until after 11pm, so the fact I got that to turn green is a freaking miracle. BUT! I got it to turn green!

I have to stop being lazy. I can write SO MUCH MORE if I’d just START WRITING instead of doing other things instead. I need to unplug my TV and shut off the wifi so I HAVE TO WRITE instead of doing other things. I was even planning to write ALL AFTERNOON but instead I watched more Anime.

I bet there’s a Chrome app somewhere that makes it so that I have to write a certain amount before it let’s me watch videos, lol. There’s a Chrome app for everything out there.

Now I have to go take a shower, then I have to go to bed, so I can’t write more, but I WILL PREVAIL!!!


NaNoWriMo Day 13: I’m Back Baby!!!

Alright, I let myself get behind by A LOT but now I’m gonna make that up! I did pretty well today, honestly. I’m going to be able to make it up pretty easily, and I am honestly pretty mad at myself. There’s absolutely no reason that I got so behind anyways. It’s so easy to write words, guys.


You see that? I half-ass wrote for about 2 hours. That’s the entire culmination of 2 hours of writing WHILE I was watching TV, and yet I went almost an entire week without writing but a few words all week.

Oh well, the good news is, if I can write 3,000 words while watching TV and mostly only writing during commercials, I can catch up to that line pretty quickly if I just actually TRY.

Today’s writing music was the Enrique Iglesias station on Amazon Prime, and today’s distraction was anime… all my life without really watching any anime (apart from the ones every kid of the late 90s/early 2000s watched on cartoon network like Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing and stuff) and this week I’ve suddenly started watching sports anime. Clearly, the powers of the world are against me finishing this story, BUT I AM GOING TO!!!

How are you guys doing? Probably all better off than me, huh?



NaNoWriMo Day… I don’t know: I Haven’t Been Writing.

This week was hard. In a lot of ways. Early in the week, nerves from the election, then minor freakout from the election results, and then doing things I’d neglected in my post-election-freak out, and then yesterday I accidentally slept 12 hours (it isn’t my fault my body has no natural sleep rhythm so if my alarm fails I don’t wake up!!! I once slept 16 hours because of a power outage and nobody being home all day to wake me up.) and ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT I have committed a cardinal sin of NaNoWriMo….

I’ve gotten hooked on not one, but TWO anime’s this week. I’ve spent a good 4 hours on Crunchyroll the past two days. Between school and work and anime, I’ve written basically nothing all week. I’m now a solid like 10k behind or something.


I’m still positive I can pull it out. Like I told someone, I once wrote 131,000 words (no that isn’t a typo) in 1 month. 28 days to be exact. I also wrote 60,000 words in 3 weeks more recently, and 40,000 words in a week and a half most recently RIGHT before NaNoWriMo started.

I’ve got this. Once I get into my story, I’m golden. I can make up the 10k I’m behind in two days easy. I already did it once, I wrote over 5,000 words in one day last weekend. I can do it again tomorrow. I’m fine. There’s still a LOT of NaNoWriMo to go.

Hopefully you all are doing better than I am!


Digital Media Marketing Analysis Assignment

This week in my NMAC 3145 class, we’ve been talking about effective advertising. We were tasked with choosing an ad campaign and analyzing why it is effective, what the audience it’s aiming for is, and what platforms they use for the campaign.

I decided to take a look at a reasonbly long-running campaign, the Dawn Saves Lives campaign. For the past decade, Dawn dish soap has sporadically highlighted that Dawn dish soap saves wildlife in the event of oil spills. Dawn dish soap is pretty much what we think about when we see people washing off oil-slicked ducks and seabirds, because Dawn is the only cleaning product that has long advertised their product as a savior of wildlife.

It’s harder to nail down what platforms are used by this ad campaign, because it has spanned from 2006 (only one year into the life of Youtube) until today with a highlight around the time of the BP oil spill. That year, there was an up-swing in the airing of the advertisements.

The commercial I’m sure we’re all familiar with is this one:

This commercial is effective because most everyone likes animals. Even if you don’t particularly care about the environment, most people see a little fuzzy baby duckling and goes ‘awwww’. A cute baby animal that is covered in oil being gently scrubbed with soft-looking bubbles is a great visual image to persuade people to pay attention to the ad and associate good things with this product because it’s not just a good thing, saving a baby animal, but it’s depicted in such a ‘warm and fuzzy’ manner. It seems more like the baby duck is getting a warm, bubbly bath to rid it of the icky, nasty oil than actually depicting the harm and suffering the duck was faced with before being cleaned off. It plays into the part of most people who naturally care about animals, babies, gentleness, and kindness to a soft baby duckling.

After that, it goes on to tell you that the company is going to donate a VERY LARGE sum of money to helping the wildlife and the environment (or so it’s implied) and it makes it so that, even if you weren’t already inspired to buy their product, you really want to buy it now that they are telling you YOUR money is going to help the baby animals.  It reinforces that idea by showing them releasing the rescued animals back into the wild.

Even now, I just caught myself thinking, ‘Wow, I should go buy some Dawn’ when I know it’s marketing manipulation.

Beyond that commercial, however, there is also the label on the bottle:


The baby duck on the bottle is the same size as the logo, and the message “Dawn Helps Save Wildlife” is almost as big as the words on the logo. It is selling the idea of saving a baby duck more than it is washing your dishes, because what appeals more to people, doing dishes well or saving a baby duck?

Beyond the ad and the logo, you have coupon-looking ads online on websites in the sidebar and in pop-ups that look like this:


The ad looks like a coupon and says “Save” but instead of having an actual coupon, it’s telling you that if you buy Dawn, you’re saving the baby animal. And once again, it’s fluffy baby animals because saving the sea urchins isn’t as appealing as saving a baby penguin, or a baby seal, or a baby duckling. These ads are the types that pop up on a blog article and you have to click the X to close them and continue reading, and while those ads mostly go ignored, some of us can’t help but pause and go ‘awww’ at the baby animal, and that’s when we see the “Dawn Saves Animals” advertisement.

Dawn’s social media accounts are all about the baby ducks!

Facebook (forgive the Pirate language, I just took a screenshot with my FB account logged in):





The Produce Website:


It’s really hard to run a more useful campaign than one where you demonstrate a product saving very cute baby animals from death. It’s a harsh reality but a real one that many people don’t care nearly as much about other humans as they do about baby animals. Baby animals is one of the most universal ways to reach people’s emotional centers. It’s hard to face it, but even if they were cleaning the hospital rooms of orphan children with diseases with their product, it wouldn’t reach the same emotional appeal as fluffy, fuzzy, adorable baby animals.

And by showing their product cleaning the animals off, showing that their company gives back some of its profits to charities for the animals, and by showing actual animals that have been saved being released back into the wild, it proves to be what I would argue is one of the most effective advertising campaigns probably to ever exist.