NaNoWriMo Day 25: I Wrote The Bare Minimum


Today was a big day for Skate America and, as you know, I’m a MAJOR figure skating fan, so I really just wrote the bare minimum so I could stay above par with a slight cushion. I had to watch figure skating, though.

Figure Skating was tense, btw. I still have SO MANY FEELINGS OF FRUSTRATION with these judges. Seriously. They’re giving out PCS like candy after Halloween to certain people and seriously under-scoring other people cause reasons?!?!?!

Also my favorite skater got knocked out of the final, but I knew that was gonna happen, still makes me sad. =(

NaNoWriMo Day 24: I Think I’m Gonna Win This Thing


It seems that once I got ahead, that made it able for me to stay ahead. Also, I’ve started writing parts that are more personal and hint at a romance coming now. It only took 40,000 words to get there, but again, this is science fiction. This story won’t end at 50k, lol.

How are you doing? Is your word count reflecting your actual story work, or are you like I am so often and just really verbose.