NaNoWriMo Day 21: I Only Wrote For 30 Minutes

Soooo yeah. It didn’t go well today. I was finally caught up… and this happened.screenhunter_606-nov-21-23-59


I have several ways that someone could do it, but I need a solid motivation and I cannot pick one. Going in, my motivation was that one person hated another one and this was a good opportunity to kill them, but I’ve been told that’s a little heavy handed and I agree (the motive was sexism, and there’s enough talk about sexism in the science field to make that seem a little political and pretty obvious).

My other options are all weak motives.

I’m sort of leaning towards “One of them is sick of the other taking credit for their work so they decide to off the other one but someone catches them in planning and they have to kill that person and now it’s spiraled out of control”. It’s a simple motive. Nothing to convoluted.

All my other options I’ve pretty much dismissed for being to convoluted. I don’t want as shitty of a bad guy as the villain in the last Captain America movie, that’s for sure.

What do you guys think? Does “Sick of doing all the work and sharing the credit so I planned to kill my partner but oh shit, someone else caught my planning and I panicked and killed them so now I’ve fucked up and I may have to kill other people to cover my tracks” sound reasonable?


NaNoWriMo Day 20: I Made It Back To Par!!!



Both those bars haven’t been green since day 7 and look! This is great news! I need to get out ahead now. I need to write 2,000 words a day at least, which can’t be too big of a hardship since the last few days I’ve written a lot each day. I need to build a buffer because I have a major research project due the 29th, so I have to count on at least 2 days of not writing much of anything there, and only the 30th left to make up whatever I have left.

Hopefully I’ll finish on the 27th and just be done already, but I need to be able to make up any ground left to 50k that isn’t done by the 27th in ONE DAY on the 30th.

We’ve got this, guys! We can all do it!

NaNoWriMo Day 19: I Got So Close Today

I’m finally in a groove where something is happening, so writing was easy tonight. This is genuinely about 2 hours worth of writing and look!


Last night I wrote from midnight to 1am continuing ‘yesterday’s work, but that counted for only some of this, so tonight between about 10:45 and midnight, I wrote 3,223 words.

I didn’t make it to 30,000 yet, so I’m still not caught up where I wanted to be, but do you see that Words Per Day To Finish On Time? 1,768. Easy. I can do that with no problem!

Now, it is worth mentioning that, though I finally killed someone, I still haven’t worked out who else dies and who the killer is or why they are the killer… BUT I’ve had a few people offer to help me out so HOPEFULLY I can get this sorted out soon.

How are you guys doing? Hopefully on a roll like I am!


NaNoWriMo Day 18: I Didn’t Reach 30,000 Words


Yesterday I swore I would reach 30,000 words, but I struggled to decide who to be my first person killed. I also keep struggling with who I want to be the killer, but I think I have decided that now. BUT I did kill someone finally. My characters are just about to discover that this person has been killed, but I DID IT!

As I mentioned, I struggled all day just trying to decide where to go next. I let my sister read the story and give suggestions, but she was bored by it (she’s fifteen and I’m aiming for an adult audience, so I’m not shocked). Because of this, I didn’t write anywhere near what I needed to reach 30,000 today.

However, the way I see it, 2,900 words is still a step forward. My ‘words per day to finish on time’ is down below 2,000 words now, and the days I ACTUALLY get some writing done, I almost always write more than that, so honestly, this is still good news.

I’m still on track to finish on time. I may be slightly behind ALL THE WAY TO THE END, but I’m going to get there one way or another, and as long as how much I write is a bigger number than the ‘words per day to finish on time’ says I require, I’m not that worried.


I’m so mad! I planned to write 5k today, that was my plan, but then I didn’t get home until about 4:30pm and then I forgot tonight was Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them so I didn’t get home AGAIN until around 11pm, so I had like NO writing time today.


Tomorrow I’m staying home all day and I’m going to reach 30,000 words. That’s it. I’m GOING to do it. All plans cancelled (not that I had any), not going anywhere. Staying home. Writing NaNoWriMo.

I need to get ahead, because I have my final paper for one of my classes due on the 27th, so I NEED at least two days to work on that where I won’t be able to write ANY NaNoWriMo and that close to the end, I cannot fall behind further, I need a BUMPER!

So yeah. Writing. Tomorrow. DOING IT!

Just A Shameless Plug!

If you guys haven’t ever noticed the little links on the sidebar on the right of your screen on my blog page that say Chelsea Loves Movies and Chelsea Loves TV , those are my other blogs!

I feel like doing this shameless plug because my viewership on THIS blog is sky high, and it’s sort of strange that more people care about my attempts at writing than my movie reviews and TV recaps.

So yeah, I have to admit, that Chelsea Loves TV is kind of behind, because I haven’t recapped any of my TV shows I watch this week, and the ones I’m watching currently aren’t that popular with blog readers I don’t guess, but back when Halt and Catch Fire was airing, I had the most hits of any blog posts I’ve ever had, so if you want to go read some of the back-log, you know, it’s there.

Now, Chelsea Loves Movies gets usually one post a week. I try to do Film Review Fridays, my twitter hashtags are #FilmReviewFriday and #ChelseaLovesMovies and I DO miss out on the Friday rule sometimes, but I generally make sure I have at least one film review a week. Both new and old movies, and so far I’ve only had a few movies I didn’t at least give a fair shot, so there aren’t a lot of critical shredding going on. It’s called Chelsea Loves Movies because I generally review with the idea that “I like this movie and this is why” not picking apart the film from a filmmaking standpoint.

Shameless plug for you guys, that’s all this post was. Just wanted to give a reminder in case you guys hadn’t seen those links there.