Non-Fiction Writing

Artificial Intelligence: Not A Matter of “Can We” But A Matter Of “Should We”

Discussing the psychological implications for the desire for an Android servant and what that says about people.

Attitudes Towards Adaptation

A look at how film adaptations and their source material are often compared and how that shouldn’t be done in the way it is.

Difficult Questions About Queer Diversity In Fiction

Asking some uncomfortable questions about the nature of diversity in fiction (multiple mediums), how to establish correct queer representation, and the ways in which the struggle to properly represent queer individuals may damage the quality of writing.

Interconnected World: How New Media Has Lowered The Barrier To Entry For Global Communication

Addressing the ways in which New Media has not only changed the technological capabilities of communication, but also the way we think about communication and the cultural implications of such.

My Queer Experience: A Look Into Growing Up Queer And Why Queer Representation In Media Matters

A personal essay written about growing up in the rural, conservative south and becoming a homophobic child that would one day be a queer adult that also highlights how important queer representation is to ending homophobia and enabling self-discovery.

Women’s March 2017: A Textbook Example of New Media’s Contribution To Global Progress

Discussing New Media’s role in demonstrations, organization, and the spirit of democracy.