Once Upon A Haunted Moor (Tyack & Frayne #1) by Harper Fox

Once Upon A Haunted Moor (Tyack & Frayne, #1)Once Upon A Haunted Moor by Harper Fox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I went into this with very low hopes, but for a queer mystery novel, I was very satisfied with this one. I admit, I listened to the audiobook for the most part, and while the voice actor was kind of weird in places, I really enjoyed it. This is the type of book that you read because you know you like queer mystery and want more. I didn’t pick this at random. I was looking for something and this fulfilled that want.

I really liked the way the ‘beast’ of the moors is handled. Also, the missing child being found alive is a big plus. I’ve grown up reading crime novels and usually there’s a body. I liked that there was hope in this one. I appreciated the psychic being down to earth as well. All in all, this is the type of story I never knew I wanted but I ended up adoring!

I highly recommend this series. I’m onto the second part right now!

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