NaNoWrimo Day 1: I’m In The Green!

Look! Green from the start!


This year, my NaNo journey is less pantsing than last year (where I had my vague idea by the end of day 1) but it’s still mostly plantsing. I had a vague idea:

A bored security guard at a space-port on some outer-rim station in some galaxy far beyond our current understanding, a bored guy (or girl, haven’t decided) who expects the night to be like any other, where the most excitement he gets is scanning some cargo passes when cargo freighters or passenger ships begin to unload. However, this day, his/her/their whole life gets turned upside down because he/she/they witness something far from normal: down the dock, beyond the load being scanned, there’s a commotion. Someone is being dragged kicking and struggling onto a spaceship. With only a split second to decide what to do, the security guard makes one choice that will change his/her/their life forever and runs to intervene and save the person being kidnapped. Lo and behold, the person saved ends up being someone with a lot of heat on their trail and the security guard finds him/her/their life in danger as they are forced to go on the run together, jumping across the galaxy to stay alive and possibly seek something? Along the way they’re definitely gonna fall in love (or the guard will fall in love with someone else, not sure, but I want a romantic element).

And then last night, I expanded upon it talking to my friend and added on ideas about making it an M/M romance because I’ve written hetero romance, non-romance with a ‘happens to be lesbian’ MC, but not M/M, and said:

M/M but with ultra-pining, because the MC saves this younger guy from some kidnappers/smugglers/whatever and then the younger guy convinces him they have to go find this girl, and he talks about her and the MC goes “Is she your girlfriend or something?” and he says ‘yeah something’ and the MC thinks he’s after his lover but turns out it’s actually his baby sister but he couldn’t say that because he doesn’t want to risk this random guy knowing that they’re rescuing an 11 year old princess (or that he’s a prince) and noping out when he needs help rescuing his baby sister.

And I’ve taken out the prince part, but he’s still gonna be an important person’s son and they’re rescuing his baby sister.

…. that’s all I’ve got planned so far. No outline or anything. BUT! The important thing is that Chapter 1 is written, it’s in the green from day 1 (a first for me, I believe), and everything is good for NaNoWriMo 2017 fresh out of the gate!

How are all of you guys doing so far? Day 1 triumphs? Day 1 and the spirits already low? Don’t worry, I’ve always been behind at this point and still won both times I’ve participated. YOU’VE GOT THIS!


Author: J. Chelsea Williford

Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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