Book Review: Catalyst – A Rogue One Novel

Catalyst - A Rogue One NovelCatalyst – A Rogue One Novel by James Luceno
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a struggle to get into, but it was worth reading. I didn’t actually finish it before seeing Rogue One but that’s okay. For the most part, it’s a pretty decent read. It’s separated into 3 parts and if you can get through the VERY slow and very large Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 are far more palatable.

The problem is that there’s so much information the reader needs to be given, so I don’t think anything could have been left out, but it was such a tedious journey to get through all of the information at the beginning. Once you get into Part 2 and Part 3 where all of that information starts becoming relevant, it’s a solid read, but that Part 1, man. That was a struggle. I had to MAKE myself read a certain number of pages every day, but I didn’t want to.

But like I said, once you get past Part 1 it’s enjoyable to read and you actually WANT to read it.

I would recommend reading this book if you watch/watch to watch Rogue One.

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Author: J. Chelsea Williford

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