Thanksgiving Film Trailer Project

For our final project in NMAC 3145, we had to make a Thanksgiving themed film trailer. Since my family doesn’t really do Thanksgiving (it’s only the 6 of us in my immediate family and then an aunt, uncle, and cousin in my extended family) so I picked a theme that’s universal for even those who don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving during the Thanksgiving week: Traffic!

The requirements were to make it look like a trailer as much as you could, to have layered audio, and for it to be Thanksgiving themed. I managed to do those things! I did mine in the style of a drama but so that it’s a spoof comedy, of sorts. The contents are humorous but when styled like a drama, it’s even funnier. Hopefully you guys think so, too!

(We were also supposed to have a script to turn in, and I’m not sure where exactly, so I’m just gonna put a read-more below the video and post it there. You guys can ignore that part!)

(This is the script for this video, for teacher purposes, you guys can ignore this!)

Interior- Car

Title Card

Every Year at thanksgiving

Title Card

Thousands of people travel home

Traffic over the steering wheel. Cars stopped in most directions. Speedometer in foreground.

Girl: “Uh… huh.”

Title Card

At the same time

Girl sitting in car in traffic.

GIRL: “It’s fine. It’s fine.”

Title Card

Witness the harrowing tale

Girl sitting in car in traffic. Girl groans in frustration.

GIRL: “Come on!”

Title card

Of one woman’s experience with…

Girl sitting in car in traffic. Girl listening to ‘learn Spanish’ program.

GIRL: (repeating audio badly)”Hola. Como estas. Buenos Dias.”

Title Card

Thanksgiving traffic

Girl sitting in car in traffic. Girl speaks fluent Spanish, indicating a lot of time has passed.

GIRL: “Ay dios mio, cuando finalisara el traffico?!”

Fake Review

Girl crying in car.

GIRL: “I just wanna go home.”

Fake Review

Girl reading in car.

Fake Review

Girl singing in car.

GIRL: “We’ll have a blue Christmas without you.”

Fake Review

Girl sleeping in car. Horn honks. Girl wakes up.

GIRL: “It’s moving!”

Title Credits Card


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Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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