Just A Shameless Plug!

If you guys haven’t ever noticed the little links on the sidebar on the right of your screen on my blog page that say Chelsea Loves Movies and Chelsea Loves TV , those are my other blogs!

I feel like doing this shameless plug because my viewership on THIS blog is sky high, and it’s sort of strange that more people care about my attempts at writing than my movie reviews and TV recaps.

So yeah, I have to admit, that Chelsea Loves TV is kind of behind, because I haven’t recapped any of my TV shows I watch this week, and the ones I’m watching currently aren’t that popular with blog readers I don’t guess, but back when Halt and Catch Fire was airing, I had the most hits of any blog posts I’ve ever had, so if you want to go read some of the back-log, you know, it’s there.

Now, Chelsea Loves Movies gets usually one post a week. I try to do Film Review Fridays, my twitter hashtags are #FilmReviewFriday and #ChelseaLovesMovies and I DO miss out on the Friday rule sometimes, but I generally make sure I have at least one film review a week. Both new and old movies, and so far I’ve only had a few movies I didn’t at least give a fair shot, so there aren’t a lot of critical shredding going on. It’s called Chelsea Loves Movies because I generally review with the idea that “I like this movie and this is why” not picking apart the film from a filmmaking standpoint.

Shameless plug for you guys, that’s all this post was. Just wanted to give a reminder in case you guys hadn’t seen those links there.

Author: J. Chelsea Williford

Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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