NaNoWriMo Day 13: I’m Back Baby!!!

Alright, I let myself get behind by A LOT but now I’m gonna make that up! I did pretty well today, honestly. I’m going to be able to make it up pretty easily, and I am honestly pretty mad at myself. There’s absolutely no reason that I got so behind anyways. It’s so easy to write words, guys.


You see that? I half-ass wrote for about 2 hours. That’s the entire culmination of 2 hours of writing WHILE I was watching TV, and yet I went almost an entire week without writing but a few words all week.

Oh well, the good news is, if I can write 3,000 words while watching TV and mostly only writing during commercials, I can catch up to that line pretty quickly if I just actually TRY.

Today’s writing music was the Enrique Iglesias station on Amazon Prime, and today’s distraction was anime… all my life without really watching any anime (apart from the ones every kid of the late 90s/early 2000s watched on cartoon network like Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing and stuff) and this week I’ve suddenly started watching sports anime. Clearly, the powers of the world are against me finishing this story, BUT I AM GOING TO!!!

How are you guys doing? Probably all better off than me, huh?



Author: J. Chelsea Williford

Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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