NaNoWriMo Day 3: The Day I Write Like Donald Trump Speaks

I had words. Lots of words. My word count is the best word count you will ever see! It’s YUUUUGE words. There’s a lot of words and they totally mean something. They really do. I swear it’s the best words you’ll ever hear about. Ever.

Haha, in reality, it isn’t that bad. You guys may as well know straight off that I’m used to writing short stories and novellas, so I’m not used to having to actually go into so much depth when having my characters interact. Also, I’m used to writing something that has a handful of characters, not thirteen individual characters that not only have to be introduced along the way, but have to leave an impression on my protagonist since they are all isolated and working together as a team. Every single person has to interact with every single other person at some point, so I have to build on who they are and perfect their voices individually.


It takes up space and time. I’ve passed the 5,000 word mark, which was my minimum target for today, so I did that, but man oh man did it feel like NOTHING HAPPENED in all my writing. Last year’s NaNo novel was largely internal experiences from ONE main point of view that VERY rarely swapped to another character, and almost entirely consisted of those two interacting with each other and very limited other people. So that story had a different style and pace than this one.

It also is important to remember that I’m trying to do a slow build up. This is a thriller but it’s got a lot of Gothic elements (not on purpose, but just by nature of the story and the setting; I took a whole course on American Gothic and this fits the bill even though it isn’t set in America) and one of the elements of that sort of story is that the build up is slow and nothing seems wrong at all until all of a sudden things go very, very wrong (Think The Shining). I don’t want things to be rushed, so this is the proper pace!

It just feels incredibly slow. This 5,000 words covers exactly 3 individual actual scenes. I’m separating it by “Day 1” and “Day 2” as chapters, and really the story starts at “Day 0” because that’s the opening 1,000 words is the protagonist and another character actually arriving at the station. “Day 1” so far has been “meeting the team on the first morning” and is going to pretty much be JUST that. So I’ll be done with “Day 1” pretty soon, and it’s NOT ACTUALLY SLOW, I JUST HAVE TO REPEAT THIS OVER AND OVER TO MYSELF!

All I can say is give me strength!


Author: J. Chelsea Williford

Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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