NaNoWriMo Day 2: Catching Up With That Goal Line!

Today’s writing was very stilted because real life got in the way again. I had some work to do for college and some TV shows to watch (I run a TV blog, I can’t NOT watch them… except how one of them is the show I didn’t watch last night because I wanted to write instead… I’m a hypocrite). HOWEVER! Most importantly! Today I caught up with the ‘daily goal’ line. I wrote 2,381 words, bringing my total up to 3,407! Not a great start I’m off to, but once I have a day where I can just sit down and write for an hour straight, we’ll be good.

I will say, it’s once again being very beneficial this year to follow the NaNoWriMo Word Sprint twitter account for motivation to write as much as I can in short bursts. Some of them are as short as 5 minutes, and you want your word count written in that 5 minutes to be higher than all the others who reply (even if you pretend you don’t, you do) so it makes distraction not nearly the problem it was.

My biggest problem today was that I didn’t take my notebook with notes to work with me and I haven’t put the notes online yet. I use Charahub for my characters, but while planning, I write it all in my notebook simply for how easy it is to flip a page versus going back, scrolling down, looking for the right person, clicking, clicking edit, waiting for it to load, ect. That’s what I’m about to do next, enter my character information into Charahub so that I don’t have the issue I had today where I had no idea what people’s names were so I was writing “JAPANESE PROFESSOR” and “MEAN PROFESSOR” instead of names. It was bad.

Still, I’m above the line for now, so we’re ready to get into DAY 3 and really get going!


…. Except for how I have more college classwork to do tomorrow. Balls.

Author: J. Chelsea Williford

Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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