First post to get this thing started!

This blog will persist beyond this semester, hopefully, but this blog was created for my NMAC 3145 class with Professor Edwards. (I actually missed class today when we were setting these things up, but hopefully I’m doing this the right way)

My name is Chelsea Williford. The J. in the title is my first name, but I’ve never been called that, so everything I sign is signed as J. Chelsea Williford. So, you guys can call me Chelsea!

I’m a senior at Middle Georgia State University pursuing a Bachelors degree in New Media and Communication. If you’re not a classmate reading this, you may find it a bit amusing to know that, when I enrolled in college in fall of 2009 (yes, I’ve been in college a long time, I know), I enrolled in Middle Georgia College. I received an Associates degree in English under the name Middle Georgia College. The following year, our college had merged with Macon State College to become Middle Georgia State College, and I received an Associates degree in Foreign Language under that name. This following spring, I will receive my Bachelors degree in New Media and Communication under the current name after our school status was elevated full to a university this past year.

It has taken me so long to get my Bachelors degree because I could never settle. I intended to get a Bachelors degree in English, but after taking my first junior level English course, I decided I was tired of literature. I love reading, but when you apply having to take exams based on whether or not you take the same message away from a story as your professor, it takes the joy out of something I have loved for so long. However, that same semester, I took my second communication course and realized that I adore communication. I love the science and psychology behind how we communicate as people. I especially found a great love for film and television (as you will see if you visit my long-running movie review blog or my newly started TV blog) and for how culture and society is influenced by the media they consume and vice versa.

Also, there were a lot more career options to come from a degree in Communication.

As you can tell from how long this has been though it was a required “roughly 200 words”, I love to write. I hope to find a career writing something for somewhere, I’m not particularly picky. My real dream is for my novel to be published and suddenly become wildly popular. Who wouldn’t want to become the next JK Rowling?

In closing, I’d like to introduce you all to my beautiful baby boy, Tigger!

ScreenHunter_560 Sep. 01 23.12

Author: J. Chelsea Williford

Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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